Website design and build for Moksa Tattoo Studio.

We were approached by Nirman Kadel to design and build an e-commerce website for his tattoo studio. An existing logo was already in place so we developed a layout, colour palette, and typographic style to compliment this.

Growing up in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Nirman was inspired by all of the mythological art around him carved in wooden Hindu temples, the stone engravings in Buddhist stupas, the thangka paintings in the streets of Thamel, and many other age-old mythical stories found in texts and scriptures.

After living in Australia for almost a decade he fell in love with tattooing and started his journey as a tattoo artist.

Nirman is now located in Wexford town and is the owner of Moksa Tattoo Studio. Nirman is a very calm, positive person, and we wanted to express this through the website. We stayed away from the typical up-close tattoo studio photography style and suggested nice calm imagery of the tattooist at work in his surroundings. The body of work automatically updates through Instagram feeds so that Nirman can focus on what he does best.

View the full project here.