A multidisciplinary award winning designer with a focus on brand identity, digital, packaging and illustration. My approach is to create simple, functional identities that reflect the true character of the clients I work for.

As well as visual communications, I have a background in architecture. It wasn’t until the financial crash of 2008 that I was forced to re-evaluate my options and pursue the career that I am truly passionate about. With a love for travel, culture, and a constant want to learn, I aim to bring all of these elements into my design, and push the boundaries to create something truly unique.

Throughout my career in both architecture and design, I have chosen to work in relatively small agencies. I find the camaraderie, and ability to work on every aspect of a project not only rewarding, but also highly beneficial in making me a well rounded designer.

I’m a graduate of Waterford IT, where I studied and completed a BA(Hons) Degree in Design (Visual Communications). Since graduating with a first class honours in 2014 I have worked at TrueOutput:, an international award winning design consultancy based in Waterford, Ireland. My role at TrueOutput covers most areas of design such as brand & visual identity, naming, print, editorial, packaging, illustration, digital, web/UX/UI design and spatial design.

Main interests include visual identity, print, digital, illustration and web design.


IDI Awards - Winner of Visual Communications Data Visualisation '18*

100 Archive - Archive Selection '17*

100 Archive - Archive Selection '16*

100 Archive - Archive Selection '15*

IDI Awards - Winner of Visual Communication Print/Annual Reports '15*

Features & Publications

100 Archive - Featured on 100 Archive '18

100 Archive - Featured on 100 Archive '17*

IDI Awards - Shortlisted for 3 Categories '17*

Art Marks - Logos Featured in Counter-Print Publication '16*

100 Archive - Featured on 100 Archive '16*

100 Archive - Featured on 100 Archive '15*

*As part of a team at TrueOutput

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