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Visual Inspiration

For a while now I have been using Tumblr as a place to archive random pieces of visual inspiration, and as of late, the inspiration blog has grown legs of it’s own and is gaining quite a following.

I find that when researching a design project it is important not to just limit yourself to the area of graphic design. Inspiration should come from all angles, whether it be music, photography, architecture, streetstyle or fashion, to the more random oddities/characters that you may come across on your everyday walk to work.

On the visual inspiration archive, you will find a mix of all of the above plus some more in between. If you see something you like it should be easy enough to find more work from the same source, pretty much all the work is linked back to the original unless it was reblogged from elsewhere. Either way I hope it helps.

If you want to pass on some work that you feel needs to be shared, email me a bit about the project. I look forward to spreading more of the work that inspires me.