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About the Client

Le Cool Dublin is a free weekly magazine distributed every Thursday that features a selection of cultural events and leisure activities. They filter out, amongst other things, the best art, film, music, and club nights, as well as a careful selection of extraordinary bars, restaurants and other fine places.


Brief Number 01 – The Food Issue

I had the good fortune of being contacted by Kate, the editor at Le Cool Dublin to do two covers for their online magazine. The first was The Food Issue which I was told usually trends, so no pressure there!

After jotting down a few ideas I decided to go with the cover below. My thinking behind the illustration was that food rarely looks nice when illustrated, and as it was to promote a number of different food types, restaurants, lunch places etc., I wanted to keep it quite generic, but at the same time making it very eye catching.


Brief Number 02 – Bootleg Illustration

Apart from being Dublin related, there wasn’t really a brief for this one. As well as the illustration, I did another interview which describes the cover and the idea behind it.


Interview Exerpt

I moved out of Dublin when I was 18 so I have quite a nostalgic view of the city whenever I go visit. This is a throwback to the weekends myself and Pat, with a couple of weeks pocket money on us, would get the 78A in to town, go see a film in the Savoy, drop in to Peats, HMV, Champion Sports, Marathon Sports and anywhere else we couldn’t afford at the time. We were only 11/12 at the time and it was well before iTunes, Spotify, even Napster, but after graduating from taping songs off the radio this was the guy to get your bootleg tapes off. Standing outside McDonalds on O’Connell Street with a box full of dodgy tapes you could get all the latest hits. The days would end with missing our bus on the Quays, spending an hour in Virgin waiting for the ‘next one’, and chatting about the film, video games, and what we were going to spend all our millions on when we made it. Good times.


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