JimmyJoe’s Coffee Roasters

Fictional Costa Rica Inspired Coffee Roasters

About the Client

Personal project for college end of year show.



Create identity for artisan coffee roasters.


Project Background

When we first received the brief for the above project I highlighted what I felt were key words, along with the existing core brand values. I began to think of what could make a new coffee brand unique and stand out in an already crowded market. It soon became apparent from words and terms such as socialize, carefully sourced, environmentally aware, and work done by hand that I could draw on my own experience in Costa Rica to create a brand and develop a brand story.

Through this experience I could introduce a USP in the form of the traditional Costa Rican Chorreador, a re-usable natural filtering system, I could develop a brand story through my own photos and experience, and I could draw on the materials that I encountered whilst there. I really wanted the brand to have a strong social aspect and the Chorreador definitely helps with this. It takes a few minutes for the coffee to drip completely, so this gives time to sit down and have a chat with friends rather than grabbing a quick cup and going back about your business.

The name for the brand came about through a mind-mapping process. I wrote the word coffee and any associations that came with this. The term cup of Joe came to mind and I thought that using a persons name would increase familiarity and memorability of the brand, and also this would tie in with the brand story of two friends, going on holidays and discovering the Chorreador filtering system. I eventually decided to go with JimmyJoe’s Coffee Roasters as I thought it had a nice flow to it, it’s welcoming and could be considered Irish.

As far as the design goes, Costa Rica is well known for its tropical wildlife so I wanted to incorporate this into the brand. I decided to bring this element into the names and colouring of the three blends, creating and illustrating patterns that I could use throughout each of the applications. As each of the applications has a different colour associated with it, this repeating of patterns helps tie everything together, creating a unified brand.

I wanted the brand to have a work done by hand, in-house and on location feel to it so the brown paper used helps create this, as well as hinting at the small scale, artisan, and socially and environmentally aware tone that the brief wants us to portray.


  • Personal
  • College Project


  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Packaging
  • Advertising