David Murphy Studio

Identity, Website Design, and Build

About the Client

David Murphy Studio is a Waterford based photographer specialising in wedding photography. 



Create logo, visual identity, and website for David Murphy Studio. David has been a long time client and it has been a couple of years since I first worked on his branding.

The logotype was designed when the photography studio was a relatively new venture, and at a time when David hadn’t really began to focus on one particular genre of photography. David wanted to come across as established and professional, whilst also standing out from other local photographers in Waterford City. He wanted to achieve this without being pigeon holed into one style of photography.

Since then David has found his calling in the form of wedding photography, as his portfolio grew he realised he needed a professional website to showcase his work, a snippet of which can be seen below. As well as the website design & build, there has been various digital and print elements produced, this includes a 30 page pricing booklet, and various promotional and stationery items.



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