The Barber Shop

Identity, Stationery, and Environmental Design

About the Client

The Barber Shop, based in Waterford, Ireland.



We were engaged to create an identity for the already established Barber Shop. They were moving to new premises which gave them the opportunity to align their brand with their new business ambitions. The project developed into a full service approach where we created identity, signage, collateral, art installations alongside styling and sourcing for the interiors. We consciously eschewed the typical ‘Barber shop aesthetic’ in favour of custom typography, bold applications and an eclectic use of materials.

Since their relaunch, The Barber Shop has expanded their customer base and is enjoying a significant upturn in business.


Role on Project

This work was designed as part of the team at TrueOutput:. After getting some direction from our creative director I designed a custom logotype based off of an existing typeface. My role on the project included the overall brand design, stationery, price lists, internal signage, posters, and the fabrication and installation of two wall pieces.


  • The Barber Shop


  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Environmental Design