Loko Restaurant

Identity, Stationery, and Environmental Design

About the Client

Loko Restaurant a unique dining experience in Waterford.



Name generation, visual identity, environmental design, website, art piece, and promotional video for Loko Restaurant.


Role on Project

This work was designed as part of the team at TrueOutput:. By the time I started at TrueOutput: the logo and colour palette were already approved, but I was just in time to be involved in the design of pretty much everything else. My role on the project, along with the TrueOutput: team, included the design of stationery, menu’s, internal signage, hand painted chalk board, and the fabrication and installation of the wall piece. I also had a small role in the updating of the website and promotional video.


  • Loko Restaurant


  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Environmental Design
  • Website
  • Promotional Video