Identity, Stationery, Illustration, and Website Design

About the Client

Glanco is an environmental solutions company with a creative outlook. They work with their customers to carefully manage their environmental resources. Their expertise in recycling, operations and technology reduces environmental impact while helping industrial companies, service organisations and the public sector to operate in a more efficient manner.



Glanco, prior to rebranding was named Recycle-Rite. The business had diversified and the name no longer reflected what they offered. We were engaged to to build a new brand from scratch coming up with the new name and full brand identity, which was rolled out to website, stationery, internal collateral and the innovative RE:Totem initiative. The name is derived from the Irish word for clean ‘Glan’ and ‘Co’ for company to make Glanco.

The brand identity is built around the bold logo mark with a custom type and ‘G’ which doubles as a recycle icon. The colours are fresh and related back to the environment.

The RE:Totem project encourages recycling and rewards the community through an innovative machine called ‘Tommy’. He ‘eats’, sorts and compresses recyclables, reducing up to 400 bottles into a regular refuse sack ready for recycling.


Role on Project

This work was designed as part of the team at TrueOutput:. I was involved all areas of the brand identity, including print, stationery, illustration, and digital media.


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